RWE For Better Healthcare Decision-Making

The GetReal Institute builds on the success of two IMI projects: GetReal and The GetReal Initiative (learn more), and brings together a wide variety of stakeholders to drive the sustainable development and adoption of tools, methods and best practices in the generation and use of RWE (real world evidence)  for better health care decision-making.

The GetReal Institute is:

  • A Platform to reach common understanding and prioritisation of critical opportunities and challenges in the generation and use of RWE
  • An Incubator and “design lab” for strategies and tools to clarify scientific and operational uncertainties in RWE approaches and methods
  • A Source of trusted, high quality RWE education and training resources
  • A Hub for connecting RWE-related initiatives within Europe and beyond


The Institute is an independent, member-led, not-for-profit organisation based in Utrecht, the Netherlands

What issues is the GetReal Institute addressing?

  • Growing the number of global, European and other regional initiatives addressing various aspects of RWD/RWE, but with limited coordination
  • The need for a sustainable, neutral forum that gives all interested stakeholders an equal voice in collectively addressing challenges in generating and using RWE for healthcare decision-making in Europe
  • The need for practical resources and tools to facilitate adoption of best practices and recommendations
  • The uneven level of understanding of scientific and operational considerations for RWD and for RWE study designs and methods

Why the GetReal Institute?

  • Builds on seven years’ experience; Trusted “brand” with a record of influential thought leadership and highly regarded tools and resources
  • Independent, neutral and level platform for the regular exchange of views among all stakeholders
  • RWD/RWE-focused to facilitate the adoption and implementation of RWE in healthcare decision-making in Europe
  • Practical emphasis with scientific rigour; going beyond recommendation development to create robust tools that help facilitate evidence generation and evaluation
  • Multi-stakeholder membership and governance
  • Agile structure, minimal bureaucracy
  • Diverse funding model for sustainability
  • Europe-based and focused (including UK) but with global linkages
  • The GR Academy – offers standard and customised training