About the GetReal Institute.

RWE for better health-care decision-making

The GetReal Institute builds on the success of two IMI projects: GetReal and The GetReal Initiative (learn more), and brings together a wide variety of stakeholders to drive the sustainable development and adoption of tools, methods and best practices in the generation and use of RWE for better health care decision-making.

The GetReal Institute is:

  • A Platform to reach common understanding and prioritisation of critical opportunities and challenges in the generation and use of RWE
  • An Incubator and “design lab” for strategies and tools to clarify scientific and operational uncertainties in RWE approaches and methods
  • A Source of trusted, high quality RWE education and training resources
  • A Hub for connecting RWE-related initiatives within Europe and beyond


The Institute is an independent, member-led, not-for-profit organisation based in Utrecht, the Netherlands

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Who will join the Institute?

The following organisations have expressed an intention to join the GetReal Institute:

Our focus areas

Reduce barriers to use of secondary data sources

For example:

  • Data discoverability, access and sharing
  • Data quality and relevancy
  • Acceptability by key decision-makers

Bridge the gap between RCT and RWE

For example:

  • Incorporating “real world” elements in RCT design and implementation
  • “Real world” extrapolation of RCT data and result synthesis

Address evidence needs of downstream health care decision-makers

For example:

  • Promote best practices in scientific advice processes for PLEG and design and implementation of outcomes-based access arrangements.
  • Evaluate RWE in context of the totality of evidence

Our Objectives & Deliverables

In each of our Focus Areas, we will:
Serve as a principal European forum

Shared understanding and prioritisation of most critical opportunities and challenges

Clarify scientific and operational uncertainties

Case studies, demonstration projects, and research publication

Facilitate adoption of best practices

Trusted translational resources for applying best practices and guidelines; guideline recommendation where gaps exist.

Elevate RWE generation and evaluation

Skill development training with academic partners (GetReal Academy)

Pulling it all together

What differentiates the GetReal Institute?

  • Builds on seven years’ experience; Trusted “brand” with a record of influential thought leadership and highly regarded tools and recourses
  • Independent, neutral and level platform for the regular exchange of views among all stakeholders
  • RWD/RWE-focused
  • Practical emphasis with scientific rigour; going beyond recommendation development to create robust tools that help facilitate evidence generation and evaluation
  • Multi-stakeholder membership and governance
  • Agile structure, minimal bureaucracy
  • Diverse funding model for sustainability
  • Europe-based and focused (including UK) but with global linkages

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