We facilitate the adoption and implementation of RWE in health care decision-making in Europe

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Our objectives.

What do we aim for?

We aim to drive standards for quality and innovation in the generation and assessment of RWE, and to facilitate the efficient and appropriate use of RWE in health care decision-making.

Serve as a principal European forum

Serve as the principal European forum for all-stakeholder dialogue, consensus development, and co-creation of solutions to advance use of RWE in health care decision-making

Clarify scientific and operational uncertainties

Clarify scientific and operational uncertainties in approaches and methods for fit-for-purpose RWD generation, analysis, and interpretation.

Facilitate adoption of best practices

Facilitate adoption of best practices to enhance the quality and utility of RWE for decision-making

Elevate RWE generation and evaluation

Elevate RWE generation and evaluation capabilities through creation and delivery of trusted, high quality educational content for a diverse range of audiences and skill levels

Developed for the real world.

Our tools

We develop tools, resources, and programs to support the generation and use of credible RWE.

GetReal Navigator

An educational resource about the potential issues in demonstrating relative effectiveness of new medicines, and to understand specific types of analyses or study designs using RWE that can support development of medicines.

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GetReal Academy

Customisable courses that aim to give an understanding of current techniques, opportunities and challenges for the use of real-world evidence in medicine development.

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GetReal Trial Tool

Navigating RWE options in clinical trials: an accessible and solid knowledge base that can be used to assess, design or review clinical trials in the light of RWE needs.

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Aggregated Data Drug Information System (ADDIS): a data management and analytical tool for efficient and transparent evidence-based decision making in health care.

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Sharing knowledge:

News and events

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Successful launch of the GetReal Institute

On April 28th 2021, the GetReal Institute held a successful (virtual) launch event. Recording of the event is available.

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Official Press Release Launch

Launch of the GetReal Institute, a multi-stakeholder organisation that builds on the success of the IMI GetReal Initiative

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Virtual Launch Event 28 April 2021

On Wednesday the 28th of April from 1:30 -2:45 pm (CEST), the GetReal Institute will host a free launch launch event.

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About the GetReal Institute

The GetReal Institute builds on the success of two IMI projects: GetReal and The GetReal Initiative (learn more), and brings together a wide variety of stakeholders to drive the sustainable development and adoption of tools, methods and best practices in the generation and use of RWE for better health care decision-making.

Who will join the Institute?

The following organisations have expressed an intention to join the GetReal Institute:

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